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Geevagh Church

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Address: The Parochial House, Geevagh, Co Sligo.

Phone : 0719647107


The present Church was built The present Church was built by the Keogh family – (then landlords in Geevagh and residing in the Lodge) – about one hundred and fifty years ago.

They built the first Nationa1 Schools in Geevagh which was demolished to make room for the present Presbytery. This school took the place of the old hedge school, which was held near the cottages in Ballinashee.

The Keoghs were patrons of the Church and schools until the P.P of Geevagh offended them by beginning Mass before their arrival, they went to another Church for some time afterwards.

There are vases and candlesticks in the present Church presented by them.

In 1896 or ’97 (when the old presbytery was completed) the Church was reconstructed, the Altar and Sacristy being moved from the end next the Crossroads to their present position where the main door then was and the main door moved to its present position, after an addition had been made to the length where the choir gallery now is. Before reconstruction there was a

Gallery in the then main door end, in it were family pews. This was done away with in the reconstruction.

The first priest ordained West or the Shannon was Ailbhe whom Patrick brought with him from Armagh on one or his journeys. Mr. Henry Morris Divisional Insp. or N.S.S.C. said that this is recorded in the Book or Armagh that Patrick brought with him his deacon Ailbhe and ordained him to be the .first P.P. of Geevagh. His bed and Well are at Tobar Ailbhe, from which he could see the whole of his parish and pray for them. His Feast is on the 30th January. People mentally afflicted used to be brought to Tobar Ailbhe to keep an all night vigil in his honour and many cures were attributed to him.

In 1995 almost one hundred years since its last refurbishment it is necessary to have work carried out so as to return the Church to its former glory. The restoration of the church in Geevagh is a great testament to former Parish Priest of Geevagh Fr Tom O’Connor, Through his hard work, dedication he invigorated and rejuvenated the Parish.

A book was written for Fr O’ Connor in 2002 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Parish.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Church of our Lady of Lourdes:

Glenkillamey is stands at the meeting point of Counties Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon,

closed in 2003. Glenkillamey community is located to the north of Geevagh, they were

particularly hard hit by the closing of the coal mines.

Highwood Church:

St Bridgets Church Highwood

St Bridgets Church was blessed and dedicated at Highwood in September 1957 by the Bishop of Elphin the most Rev Dr Hanly The Church seats over two hundred people and was erected on the site of an old edifice that was built in 1807. Intending to renovate the old Church, closer examination this proved to be impractical so a new one was erected using the stone salvaged from the original building.

Prior to Mass Dr. Hanly congratulated the priests and people of the parish, the architects and contractors, he then blessed the Church and dedicated it to the services of God.

The original building was built in a time of great hardship in Ireland, when admitting one was a Catholic was a great sacrifice.

Ballindoon Abbey

According to the annals of Lough Ce, Ballindoon Dominican, Ballindoon Dominican Priory was founded by the Mc Donaghs in 1507. It is built in the middle English gothic style.

Today it stands a reminder of times past, the roof is missing and the interior has been used for burials.

A book was written in 2007- Ballindoon Abbey 1507-2007 by local committee “The Friends of Ballindoon Abbey”

St Thomas’s Church

St Thomas s Church Kilmactranny was erected in 1811, the nearby Rectory Glebe House was constructed in 1819.

Glebe house is the childhood home of Douglas Hyde, first president of Ireland and first president of the gaelic league.

Kilmactranny Graveyard is located to the rear of the Church.


Contact: Riverstown Church of Ireland 0719165368