Health and Safety for the community

We have received a number of complaints recently from concerned citizens on these two topics

1)Dog Poop Patrol

Dogs soiling footpaths, especially around the National School and Heath Centre.  Dogs owners are asked to be more responsible, not only is it unsightly for the entire community but it can also have negative heath consequences especially for children.   Please clean up after your dog.

Child safety pets

Section 22 of the litter pollution act


2) Walking without a high vis jacket.

Motorists are concerned about the numbers of people out walking without high viz jackets.   It can be very difficult to see pedestrians particularly early morning or late in the evening.

Some statistics

  • From 1997-2007, almost a third (31%) of pedestrians killed were aged 65 or over.
  • Pedestrians walking in the dark on rural roads are 13 times more likely to be killed than while walking during the day.
  • A total of 250 people have been killed on Irish roads in 2009, 35 fewer than last year.
  • It is estimated that for every life lost on our roads over 100 people are left grieving this loss.