National School Challenge



Due to School closures until March 29th many of our national school children may be looking for something to do.

We are inviting you to participate in our 1980s homework challenge.  Winners will be selected Sunday evening and we have an independent judge who is a retired teacher.

We have located a homework notebook from Geevagh National School 1989.

Option 1)

General Knowledge Questions

  1. What is the young of a hare called.
  2. Who invented the telephone.
  3. What is W.B Yeats epitaph.
  4. Who is buried in Bodenstown Co Kildare.
  5. What is the capital of Haiti.
  6. A stitch in time saves ____________?
  7. Who was the minister for exports during the famine.
  8. Who lives in the mansion house in Dublin.
  9. What is the longest river in Ireland
  10. What county is known as “the rebel county”

Option 2

Write a short story on the following topic

” A whale in a cave”


“A great adventure”

Option 3

Draw a picture of a cow or sheep.


Please take a photo and email your entries :

or Geevagh ie facebook messenger.