Tobar Ailbhe Holy Well & Grave

Visitors to Tobar Ailbhe


This is John and Margaret Moriarty from Kildare on a recent visit to Tobar Ailbhe,  They were both amazed at the scenery and are looking forward to a return visit.

An update from a reader on  our  post of the 16th of July,

An update from a reader on our  post of the 16th of July,

When I first saw these photos on, I thought they were taken in a scenic area of Donegal, to my surprise I learned the location was a lot closer to home Tobar Ailbhe Holy Well and Grave.  Every morning I look out over the mountain and am familiar with the rocky area close to the top, which I thought was corn.

I decided to take a walk up there to see for myself, I set off at around 2:00 pm  and was strongly advised to wear boots and bring a stick the the terrain was rough and  wet, even though I had  never been there, I felt I knew best myself and decided that sketchers and a hoodie were the most suitable.  I set off along the miners way, turning right up by Killamey, stopping briefly to admire Declan Conlons calves grazing in a near by field.


It is quite a steep climb in places, I noted a tree with a cross on it and I thought I had reached my destination, I looked around for the cross and rocks I had seen in the photos but they were no where to be seen,  I continued on upwards trying to keep out of the soft ground and mind my footwear.


From here on it is wet and the road is rocky, the road vers eastwards and I could see the the rock face getting closer.   I  then saw a sign for Tobar Ailbhe, this is where you really need the boots, it is a nice walk in and there are plenty of holes to fall into.  There are posts to guide you and stick to the trail,  The holy well is located just underneath the rocks.

When i arrived at the holy well,  I noticed that there were many statues that have been placed on the cross  I wondered how many  generations of Geevagh people have come here over the years and how difficult it must have been for the people who built it.  No photos or videos do justice to the views from Tobar Ailbhe, its amazing!!  you can see for miles around.  Its a strange feeling to be up here on your own.

It started to rain so I headed back home,  and fell several times on the way back, I would never attempt to go up here in runners again, as there is very slippy rock and a lot of holes.I  would not recommend running on the way down either as you can easily slip and fall.

When I arrived home i was soaked through and through, however I was delighted with the experience.

Great spot to go for a more challenging hike/walk and breathe some good mountain air 🙂

Carran Walking club will be organising an evening walk in August to this Holy Well.

Date yet to be confirmed. Blue X marks the spot! (there are also good signs to guide you)