Geevagh athletes compete in  the 2019  Community Games final in Sligo IT.

Well done to the children, parents, coaches and local community games committee who have supported and encouraged the children to participate in the games.  It is a great honour to  represent our local area.  They have done us proud.  Congratulations and well done to all involved.

Here are some photos from Saturdays parade.

Thanks to Maureen Mostyn for photos.

The Road to the Olympics Starts with the Community Games.

Geevagh Community Games are affiliated with Sligo Community Games. Community Games has been part of our community across many generations within our area.

Community Games provides opportunities for children and young people aged between 6 and 16 to taking part in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. Community spirit and co-operation is at the heart of Community Games with a big focus on participation rather than winning. The Organisation believes that every young person should have the opportunity to take part in sports and art in their local community and too grow up understanding the positive impact this can have on their lives. Children can participate in a wide range of individual and team events within Geevagh Community Games. The main events that Geevagh have participated in to date is Art, Athletics, Gaelic Football, Outdoor Soccer, Indoor Soccer, Futsal, Swimming, field events – long buck, throw ball and shot putt. All these events involve individual boys and girls, boy’s teams, girl’s teams and mixed teams.

The winners of these Geevagh Community Games events go on to represent us at County Level. From here the team or individual participants have the chance to go forward to National Annual Festival which takes place every August. Community Games as a whole works with 200,000 children, 10,000 volunteers and over 1.3 million supporters in about 560 areas throughout 30 Counties.

With support and involvement from all participants and volunteers we can continue to encourage all children to lead active and healthy lives. The more volunteers involved in the community games allows for increased participation in the array of events on offer by the community games. There has being many volunteers over the years for which their efforts have had a positive impact for our community. The current committee members are as follows:

Tadhg Mulvey – Chairperson

Maureen Moysten – Secretary

Keith Smith – Treasurer

Margaret Davey – Children’s Officer

Adrian Gilmartin – Assistant Treasurer

Karen Gabbidon

Therese Killoran

Therese Mastin

Lee Mastin

Peter Clancy

Sandy Porter

Seamus Donagher

Coaches for Teams – Orla McDonagh, Declan Killoran, Fergal Davey, John Hughes

If anyone does wish to get involved in the games speak with any committee member to become involved.