Lough Arrow

Lough Arrow is a large fresh water lake located near the Highwood side of the parish. Fish present in Lough Arrow include brown trout, perch, roach, three-spinned stickleback, pike, rudd, bream, and European eel. Lough Arrow has been designated a special area of conservation as a hard water lake habitat. It is a limestone lough, incredibly rich and while it has some feeder streams, it is mainly spring fed. Arrow is one the great trout fishing loughs where the trout average 1 ½ and fish to 6lbs and 7lbs are taken on the fly annually.

The Duckfly:

The Duckfly hatches in March and early April and the favoured fly patterns at that time are Blae Sootly Olive, Fiery Brown, Bibio, Red Arrow, Invicta, Connemara Black with Jungle Cock and Heckham & Red.


May and June see the mayfly hatch and also good buzzer fishing at night.  Red and Olive pupa patterns are popular, together with dry buzzer imitations.  The mayfly season generally starts  the second week in May and finishes the second week of June.


The lough gets a flock of soldier beetle in July, Arrow is one the few Loughs that still gets a good hatch.  Green Peter and hatches of smaller sedges.   Late July  and early August the peter hatches at dusk.

Late August September:

This is a good time for drifting traditional style fishing, wet fly.  The favourite patterns this time are Green Peter, Bibio, Invicta and Teel and Yellow. There is a 12- inch size limit.

Lough Bo:

Lough Bo is a spring fed lake situated about 3km north of Lough Arrow. It is stocked annually with brown trout. This lake offers excellent quality fishing.

Lough Bo

Lough Skean:

Lough Skean


This lake is situated 5KM east of Lough Arrow and has good stocks of bream, roach, hybrids  and pike.  The best area is from the shore near the amenity area.  Boyle and District angling club have held many competitions on this lake over the years.

The Feorish River:

The Feorish river offers some good trout fishing, It flows through Geevagh and into Ballyfarnon.  It is dependent on fly hatches to bring the trout up.


Man holding up a fish and trophy

Lough Arrow and District Angling Club

Lough Arrow and district angling club was formed in 1990, it currently has approx 60 members, they work closely in conjunction with North Western Fisheries Board and Lough Arrow Fish Preservation society.

Current Chairperson Roger Maxwell.

People with fish

Email: lougharrow@gmail.com

See www.fisheriesireland.ie, www.discoverireland.ie