Fridays Golden Memory Glen School – All Class Teacher Mary Ellen Mattimoe


Mary Ellen and her last two pupils 1980s

Jimmy Mc manus & Eileen Carty


Mary Ellen Mattimoe, last and renowned all class teacher of Glen School is one never to be forgotten for her devotion to her pupils.  She had time for everyone, improving their all round knowledge and skills. During her time teaching in Glen emigration was a reality for many of her students.  She would arrange to have newspapers from London sent over, and show her students how they might look up job opportunities, accommodation  etc so that they were well equipped to deal with the life ahead.

She manned the school single handed making her way up the mountain side in her ford fiesta, hail rain or snow, nothing phased her as long as she had a packet of cigarettes in the left pocket.

“Ni bheidh a liethead ann aris” She had a real community spirit and was always ready to do a good turn. She was one in a million who after her weeks work could be found taking visitors to places like Knock and Donamon for prayer vigils.  The journey was sure to be a charmed one  with a yarn or two, as she had a natural witty style.  She never let her advancing years slow down her enthusiasm for life and all things.

Sadly Mary Ellen passed away in 1998, she is fondly remembered by her family, neighbours, friends and her pupils.


Scoil Naom Maria Goretti


Glen Church

Glen Church